Urgent Care

Providing urgent care services during pet emergencies.

When seconds count and your pet needs immediate medical attention, there's no time to waste. We understand that emergencies can strike at any moment, leaving you and your pet in distress. Our team is committed to providing prompt and compassionate care for your pets. We provide comprehensive same-day and urgent care services. If you believe your pet requires immediate medical attention, please call us at 902-468-7387 during our regular operating hours. If your pet requires emergency care outside of our hours, we recommend contacting the nearest 24-hour emergency vet.

What is considered a pet emergency?

A pet emergency can range from sudden injuries and severe illnesses to unexpected behavioural changes. Signs of a pet emergency may include difficulty breathing, profuse bleeding, sudden weakness or collapse, ingestion of toxic substances, seizures, or any other life-threatening situation. If you notice any concerning symptoms or behaviours in your pet, it's essential to seek urgent care immediately. Acting promptly can make a significant difference in your pet's chances of recovery. Emergency veterinary clinics are those available during weekend and holidays when traditional clinics may be closed.

How are urgent care services different from regular veterinary care?

Urgent care services for pets address critical medical situations that require immediate attention but may not be life-threatening emergencies. Our experienced veterinary team is equipped to handle urgent medical conditions promptly, providing diagnostics, treatments, and supportive care tailored to your pet's needs. 

How can I be prepared for pet emergencies, and what steps can I take to ensure my pet's safety?

Being prepared for pet emergencies can make all the difference in your cat or dog’s well-being. Have essential items like your pet's medical records, emergency contact information, and a pet first aid kit readily accessible. Familiarize yourself with the location and contact details of nearby 24/7 urgent care centers. Knowing basic pet first aid can also be beneficial in critical situations. Most importantly, trust your instincts - if you suspect something is wrong with your pet, don't hesitate to seek urgent care. Quick action can be lifesaving in an emergency.

What if my pet has an after hours emergency?

Please contact the following locations if your pet has an emergency outside of our operating hours:

4 Paws 24hr Vet Hospital
6410 Lady Hammond Rd, Halifax, NS
Phone: 902-225-7543

Metro Animal Emergency Clinic
201 Brownlow Ave, Unit 32, Dartmouth, NS
Phone: 902-468-0674


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