Senior Care for Pets

As your dog or cat ages, they’re more at risk for diseases like heart disease, arthritis and more.

As time passes and our furry companions grow older, their needs change, and they deserve the best care possible to thrive in their golden years. But what does senior care for pets entail? Examples may include comprehensive veterinary check-ups designed to monitor and address the specific health needs of aging animals, which aim to detect and manage age-related issues early on. To learn more, call us at 902-468-7387.

When is my pet considered a senior, and what changes can I expect?

The definition of a senior pet varies depending on their size and breed. Generally, dogs and cats are considered seniors around 7-10 years old. As pets age, they may experience changes in their energy levels, mobility, and sensory functions. You might notice that they become less active, develop joint stiffness, or have changes in their vision and hearing. With our expert guidance, we'll help you navigate these changes and ensure your pet receives the support they need.

What are the essential components of senior pet care?

Senior pet care encompasses a comprehensive approach to address your pet's changing needs. It includes regular veterinary check-ups to monitor their health, detect any age-related issues early, and tailor a preventive care plan. We'll focus on managing their weight, maintaining proper nutrition, and recommending exercise routines that suit their age and mobility. Additionally, our team will be ready to address any age-related conditions and provide effective pain management solutions.

How can I enrich my senior pet's life and cherish our bond?

Embracing the golden years with your pet can be a rewarding experience! We'll provide you with enriching activities and mental stimulation ideas that cater to your senior pet's abilities. From gentle playtime to interactive toys, there are numerous ways to keep their minds sharp and their spirits high. Our goal is to ensure your pet's senior years are filled with love, comfort, and cherished moments together.

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